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Set yourself up for success before your workshop begins

When preparing for your session, be sure to follow the set up guide below. Learn what you will need to ensure the best experience.

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Preparing for your Workshop

Here's what you'll need to know before we get started


Set up your space

Make sure to set up in a space where there is room to move around as well as a neutral background. We are going to be flexing our physical and creative muscles!


Get comfortable with Zoom

Be sure to have your charger close, and test your Zoom/Wifi an hour before class to make sure you have a clear connection. Also, become familiar with mute/unmute and chat functions.


Be respectful

Stay quiet and attentive while our special guest speakers, instructors, and peers are speaking or performing, Remember to support one another and applaude your fellow cast mates.


Be creative

Be inquisitive, and don't be afraid to ask questions.This is a safe space for us to all get creative and think outside the box. No idea is a bad idea!

Have fun!

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