Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format for Broadway from Home?

At the start of each workshop, our special Broadway guest introduces themselves and we do a short question and answer session. Participants can ask the performer about their career and what it's like being a professional actor! After this, we do a group vocal and physical warm up. From there, students head into their breakout rooms (think digital classrooms) with their scene partners and a coach. There we dive into rehearsing scenes from a popular Broadway show. After that we all come back into the larger group, and perform our scenes for the rest of the group! To end, each student is welcome to sing a short cut of a song of their choice or perform a monologue for the group.

When will I know who the Broadway actor is in my session?

The guests will be announced when you receive your materials. They're all great and excited to meet you!

What technology do I need for this and how does this work?

You just need a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection. Once you sign up, you'll receive the ZOOM access code and instructions on how to log in. **A zoom account is free (it is similar to Skype). Click here for more info.

I signed my child up! Now what?

Great! Parents/Guardians: Download the ZOOM app - Make an account for FREE using your email address. You can use your child's name on the profile. The version you should download is called ZOOM CLIENT FOR MEETINGS (Version 4.6.7). If you have download, installation, or functional issues, please find the Zoom support page HERE. This page also provides tutorials on how to use the program, should you need it. (But it's really simple, we promise!) We will send a follow-up email with scene assignments and materials soon after you book, along with a link to our specific workshop Zoom link. To ensure all of the students’ web safety and a respectful shared experience, please make sure that your students only have access to the specific Zoom link we send, and that when they are in the workshop there is nothing inappropriate or distracting in the background.

I'm taking the class - what do I need to know beforehand?

Students: In addition to your specific scene and role assignment, please choose a monologue to perform or a song to sing! Maybe it’s a song from your favorite musical or movie, your favorite pop song, that one song you rock out to when no one else is listening, or your favorite song to sing karaoke to with your friends! This can be any song you want, but there are a few very important rules: There must be NO INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE OR THEMES in the song (parents and guardians, you can help us ensure this!) We won’t have time for everyone to sing a whole song, so please choose a verse and chorus of the song to sing, or your favorite 30-seconds of the song Provide your own music! You can sing a cappella (with no music) or to a karaoke track! If you’re uncomfortable singing by yourself, feel free to sing along to a regular track. We want to hear YOU, of course, but we encourage students to do whatever feels most comfortable. Singing is ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. You do not have to sing at all if you don’t want to. But we promise, it feels amazing to get great feedback from your peers, and it makes the experience more fun for you and your fellow students! Just a reminder: you DO NOT need to memorize your lines! But it will be more fun for you if you read the scene ahead of time and get as familiar with it as you feel comfortable. This will allow for the most magic to happen in your small group scene work! We do everything we can to make sure everyone has at least a few lines. On top of your lines, remember that you’ll have an opportunity to sing your song of choice solo if you’d like, so you’ll certainly have some time in the virtual spotlight! In terms of assigned roles and scenes, every role is fun! Even if you are not familiar with the story or the role before hand, you’ll be able to jump in just fine. The best part about being an actor is that you get to play all different kinds of characters, to step into a role that might be different from anything you’ve ever tried before! So be curious, open, and as we like to say in show biz, THERE ARE NO SMALL PARTS!

Will everyone get a speaking role in their scene?

Absolutely! We will be limiting the number of participants so that EVERYONE will get some lines!

How will you assign roles and scenes?

Scenes are assigned by age. Even if you don't have a huge part in your scene, remember: you have the opportunity to perform a brief monologue or song for the entire group!

What if my child doesn't want to sing a solo song or do a monologue?

That's totally fine! It's 100% optional.

Can I sign up for more than one workshop at a time?

Absolutely! You can sign up for as many as you want in the "Book a Workshop" section!

What is the age range for participants?

Students can be ages 8-18. They will be placed into scenes based on their age.

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