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Private Lessons are Available!

The co-founder of Broadway From Home, Tess Primack coaches middle/high school students privately in audition technique, college audition prep, scene study & acting a song. Tess is a Broadway actress and got her BFA in Drama from Carnegie Mellon University.
Her students have been accepted to some of the top BFA programs in the country.




"Working with Tess is the highlight of my day, and I look forward to it each week. My acting choices are so much more clear and meaningful in not only my song and monologue repertoire, but also in my performances in general. I feel more confident because of her." -Olivia

"I love working with Tess! She always suggests interesting material and gives great feedback. Most of all, she is fun to work with and passionate about helping you become a better performer." -Natalie


"Ava is having the best time learning from you. She has an extra happy step in her step after your voice lessons." -Alexis


"Tess is such a lovely and helpful coach and teacher! I have learned so many varied, useful techniques from her, and she is incredibly supportive throughout the whole process. After working with her I have seen major improvements and growth in my acting, and I’ve felt so much more confident about my abilities!" -Ali

Email for a free discovery session!

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